Kangaroo Care Contest

Mobile app UX/ UI design


Jan. - Apr. 2020

Project Type

A capstone project, Individual Project


Interviews, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing, Form Design, Survey Design


I worked as a product design intern at Nurtured by Design, Inc. on a new feature called Kangaroo Care Contest of a baby healthcare tracking mobile application for my graduate school capstone project.  

The main goal of the Kangaroo Care Contest is to raise awareness within neonatal units to perform Kangaroo Care and to encourage parents to hold their newborn babies skin-to-skin more often

I conducted UX research to identified requirements, worked with the CEO to align user needs with business goals, and rapidly iterated the design. The final deliverable was a high fidelity prototype to the engineering team for implementation.

Unfortunately, due to NDA, I’m unable to share specific details about my work until the product launches publicly. If you would like to learn more about this project, please shoot me a line at sherrywu@utexas.edu to get the password to enter the final design concept.


Learned the project scope & mapped out the flow

Conducted secondary research by reviewing internal reports and external websites to have a good understanding of the domain and learn more about the target audience.

Draw a swimlane diagram to illustrate the contest flow and how different groups of participants - hospital staff, parents & babies, and the contest admin - would join the contest.

What makes a Kangaroo Care Contest success?

Interviewed two Kangaroo Care experts who have joined more than six Kangaroo Care Contests as a team leader to identify key elements to makes a Kangaroo Care Contest success.

Explored concepts & iterated design solutions

Built from low-fidelity wireframes to medium-fidelity mockups. Rapidly iterated the information architecture and user workflows.

How design meets business goals

Organized and prioritize survey questions about Kangaroo Care sessions, and designed the survey screens to increase the response rate.

Learn from the users

Created task scenarios and conducted usability tests with four moms. Gathered their feedback to inform design decisions.

High-Fidelity Mockups

Finalized the feature and delivered a hi-fi prototype to the engineering team. 

Illustrations & Badge Design

Drew a set of illustrations for the Kangaroo Care Contest to increase engagement and deliver messages. Designed badges to motivate users to perform Kangaroo Care longer and more often, even after the Kangaroo Care Contest.


People are willing to help

I reached out to one of the domain experts after the interview and received some material they used in the neonatal unit to facilitate Kangaroo Care. I also chatted with my friends who have babies to talk about the contest concept and got useful feedback. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help, people gave me much more support than I expected.

Remote communication

When I delivered the wireframes to the CEO, she at first couldn't recognize the relationships between each screen. I quickly adjusted the way we communicated by sending not only PDF files of the screens with clear annotations but also clickable prototypes to help us communicate effectively.


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